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  Locations de villas de standing en bretagne +33 (0)6 63 94 13 43

paiement sécurisé




  • Strolls :
    In 200 m houses, coastal paths will allow you to stroll along the sea on several kilometres. The landscapes are magnificent, depaysement and relaxation insurants
  • Cycles :
    Cycles for any ages are at your disposal (grown-up cycles, cycle child, tricycle, small cycle to child, seats babies)
  • Kayak :
    The nautical centres of Plouescat and Cléder propose you rents andor training courses Cataramans, Windsurfing boards, of Kayaks since 8 years old  
  • Flying :
    The air strolls! The flying club of Morlaix is for your service to discover Finistère another way.
  • Horse :
    For a stroll on horseback(by horse), the riding school of Plounevez Le Poney Ranch or that of St Pol de Léon propose you exits(releases) in campaign(countryside).    


  • Beaches :
    For your after noon(south) relaxation, sandy beaches are 200 m.
  • Fishing on foot :
    Come to discover the phenomenon of tides and to take advantage of it to go fishing on foot.
  • Fishing offshore:
    For an exit(release) in the wide in 1/2 a day or in the day, it is possible to go fishing offshore with for example Mr Abjean de Moguériec
  • Nautical center :
    The nautical centres of Plouescat and Cléder propose you rents andor training courses Cataramans, Windsurfing boards, of Kayaks since 8 years old
  • Tennis :
    Two grounds of tennis belong in free accesses to Cléder in 3 km of villas and four others to Plouescat.
  • Golf :
    The golf 9 holes of Carantec is 25 mn.
  • Kart :
    Le karting indoor de Brest est ouvert toute l'année, il propose du matériel de bonne qualité.
  • Loisirs et jeux sans quitter la villa :
    A table of ping-pong is at your disposal as well as a purpose of football for the amateurs of football :


  • Islands :
    The Ile de Batz, in 20 mn by boat from Roscoff is to visit all year. Schedules of shuttles. You can take advantage of his(her,its) paths of randonnés everything around the island and to visit its exotic garden Georges Delaselle (on the way back you can also visit that of Roscoff)
    Shuttles wait for you to visit the other islands and their lighthouses such as the island of Ouessant, the Ile de Sein from Conquet, Ile de Bréhat on the coast(rib) of the Granite Rose... You can also visit on foot the islands of Callot in front of Carantec or still the island of Sieck in front of Santec.



    The visits Discover the park of discovery of Oceans:l'Océanopolis Océanopolis in Brest
  • Castels :
    still the castle of Kerjean and Kerouzéré, Firm Museum of Léon, St Pol de Léon's cathedral, the forest of Huelgoat in the Mountains of Arrées
  • You can take advantage of the Quartz of Brest with its various shows(entertainments),
  • the cinema of Plouescat.
  • For your exits(releases), the bar The Milton to Porguen from 5 mn of the villas
  • Possibility of baby- sitting hours of household (housework)


  • Restaurants:
    You can discover or rediscover the Breton gastronnomie with as example the Time(Weather) to live and The Foam of days to Roscoff, The Capstan and Hotel de Carantec, the Travelers to Berven or still to sample seafoods to the Roch Ar Mor to Plouescat...
  • local markets :
    Saturday mornings Places des halles
  • Honey :
    Miellerie( honey)  in 200 m villas
  • Pink onions :
    Découvrez la production de l’oignon rose Roscovite
  • Seafood :
    A service of, delivery of seafoods at home

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